Democratic voters in deep-blue LA County debated whether Biden should remain the presidential nominee following his disastrous debate performance last week. LA Times
VOA VIEW: As all should.
Health officials in Pueblo County, Colorado, are investigating a case of someone who contracted a bacterial infection that causes the plague, known as "black death." Newsmax
In an apparent attempt to do damage control after last week's debate, President Joe Biden and ABC News are reportedly moving up their planned airing of an interview to quell cognitive concerns up to a Friday night primetime special. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Liberals will give Biden the questions in advance.


A federal appeals court ruled last week that a class action lawsuit brought by students duped by a fake university set up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement can proceed against the federal government. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Madness!
Veterans who accepted one-time separation benefit checks from the military are learning they can't get disability payments now until they pay that money back. Newsmax
Despite living at a time in which there's great focus on political and religious differences within the country, 80% of Americans say they're proud of their nation and its history. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Those who are not should leave ASAP.
Forty-four percent of Americans said they'll be staying put over the next three months as the crippling cost of living crisis rages on. New York Post
VOA VIEW: They are the smart ones.
Owners of some rental buildings are starting to struggle because of rising interest rates and waning demand. New York Times
An election over the future of a United Nations-affiliated organization could determine whether the Pacific Ocean floor will soon be mined for metals used in electric vehicles. New York Times


The Democratic Party seems to be playing the wait-and-see game, hoping polls give it permission to pull the emergency brake. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The American people want Biden not to run.
Leading textbook publishers Scholastic and Pearson have distanced themselves from a push to replace biological sex with gender identity in K-12 classroom discussions after the conservative Heritage Foundation publicized their materials. Washington Times
Many Americans weren't letting worries about their pocketbooks keep them from traveling and enjoying fireworks as they celebrate their nation's birth with parades, cookouts and fiery splashes of colors against the evening sky. Washington Times
The state of Missouri is intervening in New York's criminal prosecution of former President Donald Trump. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: He should be released.

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A key House GOP lawmaker is demanding answers from White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients about whether Hunter Biden recently received classified information while attending meetings at the White House with his father. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It is a valid question.
A flight to Manchester, New Hampshire, was diverted Wednesday after a man allegedly exposed himself and urinated in the aisle of the airplane, officials said. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: He should be put in a ward for crazies'.
Hatch Baby has received two reports of people being shocked after plastic on the product's AC power adapter came off. CBS


President Biden met with more than 20 Democratic governors Wednesday in an attempt to ease concerns following his debate performance last week. He told the governors he will stay in the presidential race. CBS
VOA VIEW: Concerns are still there.
The Washington Aqueduct is sourced from the Potomac River and serves as the public water supply for the D.C. area, Arlington County and other portions of Northern Virginia. CBS
Voters from both parties are concerned if President Biden can handle another term, with three-quarters of voters saying he should not run for office again following last week's debate. A large majority cite his age as their reason. CBS
VOA VIEW: It's not his age - it's his equity.
The TSA screened more than 19 million flyers since last Thursday and is approaching two million more than last year. Eight of its 10 busiest travel days have been in the past month and a half, with Sunday expected to break another record. CBS
Delta said it was serving pasta only on about 75 international flights on Wednesday after a 'spoiled meal' forced an Amsterdam-bound flight to divert. CNBC

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Polls are open from 7am to 10pm as the country elects a new parliament. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It would be a first left win - if it happens.
Health officials in Colorado say a male farmworker who was reporting symptoms of conjunctivitis — pink eye — recently tested positive for bird flu. FOX News
New Orleans police believe missing teen Kristhal Chinchilla-Canizales may be a victim of human trafficking. She vanished from a trip to a downtown museum on May 22. FOX News

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An American Flag was stolen from a North Carolina theme park just days before it's annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration, which is also the anniversary of the park's opening. FOX News
Phony delivery drivers burst into a Colorado family's home and assaulted two children in what could be a terrifying new trend. FOX News
VOA VIEW: They should be tried and given a life sentence.
To save the spotted owl from possible extinction, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has released a plan to kill nearly 500,000 barred owls by deploying trained shooters into West Coast forests. FOX News
Hurricane Beryl barreled toward the Cayman Islands and the Yucatan Peninsula on Thursday after slamming into Jamaica as a Category 4 hurricane. UPI
The Pentagon announced Wednesday it will deploy dozens of advanced fighter jets to multiple bases in Japan as part of a modernization plan amid growing tensions with China, North Korea and Russia. UPI
VOA VIEW: An once of prevention is wise.
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said Wednesday it is making 19 single family mortgage documents available in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese languages. UPI
VOA VIEW: A waste of money.
Federal Reserve officials say they will not lower interest rates for now but indicated how inflation is headed in the right direction but not fast enough to lower rates. UPI
VOA VIEW: As they should.
On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming U.S. independence from Britain. UPI
VOA VIEW: A great day.

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