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Mexico's president accuses the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration of fabricating drug allegations against ex-defense chief Salvador Cienfuegos. LA Times
VOA VIEW: And the truth is...
Activists see a double standard in social media companies' response to the Capitol attack and their tolerance for violent rhetoric abroad. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Facebook is a joke.
State attorneys general are planning another lawsuit against Google, this one focused on the search and advertising giant’s Play Store for Android phones, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The lawsuit is expected to be filed in February or March, the sources said, and it would follow complaints about Google’s management of its Play Store even though the company was originally seen as... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Good, it should be taken out.


Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell is joining the House Committee on Homeland Security one month after it was revealed he was targeted by a suspected Chinese spy. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Looks like the Chinese own Pelosi too.
President Trump plans political punishment for the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach him for last week's Capitol riot, according to a new report. New York Post
VOA VIEW: It would be appropriate.
Federal watchdogs have launched a sweeping review of how the FBI, the Pentagon and other agencies responded to the riot last week at the U.S. Capitol ABC
VOA VIEW: A liberal slant.
A central Illinois mayor who attended the Trump rally in Washington that preceded the storming of the Capitol building has apologized for accusing the media of lying about the violence in a video he posted online afterward ABC
VOA VIEW: The liberal media did lie.
President Donald Trump will leave Washington next Wednesday morning, just before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration ABC
"We have to have more security than the intelligence might warrant. I think in this case, redundancy might be necessary," she said. CBS
VOA VIEW: Pelosi and Biden are fear mongers.


Dimon's blunt assessment was in response to questioning from analysts who pointed out the rich, tech-like valuations of fintech players. CNBC
VOA VIEW: They deserve Biden.
President-elect Joe Biden made a case for sending stimulus payments to those that have kept their jobs through the pandemic. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Someone has to pay.
Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson painted a scathing picture of his old boss President Donald Trump as someone who made uninformed decisions that were not based in reality -- a stark contrast to Trump's top diplomat Mike Pompeo, who is heaping praise on the outgoing President in his final days in office. CNN
VOA VIEW: Pompeo is the champ.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to send the House's impeachment article to the Senate next week, according to a source familiar with her thinking, which will kickstart the beginning of the trial, though Pelosi would not say publicly Friday when she will do so. CNN

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President Donald Trump's supporters were still rampaging through the US Capitol when the question arose: If these had been Black Lives Matter demonstrators instead of overwhelmingly White, militant Trump backers, how different would the police response have been? CNN
VOA VIEW: It's the opposite.
Federal law enforcement officials have charged nearly 100 people – mostly with felonies – and are expected to have "well over 300" open cases by the end of Friday in connection with last week’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, authorities said. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Now count on how many were arrested in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, NY, etc.
Two areas in downtown Washington, D.C., will be designated as "First Amendment zones" despite amplified security throughout the city and surrounding areas on Inauguration Day, the National Park Service said on Friday.  FOX News


The first blizzard of 2021 is cranking up across the Midwest, bringing widespread snow and strong winds.   FOX News
President-elect Joe Biden has started a new transitional Twitter account to build followers going into his new administration, but he will have to build the official Twitter base from scratch. UPI
VOA VIEW: No one cares.
Retail sales in the United States continued to slide in December for the third straight month, the Commerce Department said in is monthly economic assessment Friday. UPI
VOA VIEW: 2021 will be lower.
Some Metro stations will close in Washington, D.C., on Friday through Wednesday's inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and many federal workers will work from home due to threats of violence. UPI
VOA VIEW: Fear mongering.
The United States imposed fresh sanctions against Chinese firms and military over its "reckless and belligerent actions" in the South China Sea as well as labeled nine companies including Xiaomi as military controlled. UPI
VOA VIEW: Good - Biden will do little.

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January 16, 2021

     Bankrupting the nation from the jump start.  President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday unveiled a whopping $1.9 trillion economic recovery plan for digging out of the coronavirus-fueled economic downturn that he’ll pitch to Congress as one of his first acts as commander in chief. The big-spending bailout, which he’s calling the American Rescue Plan, proposes $1,400 checks for most Americans, an extension of the eviction and foreclosure moratorium until September and a national vaccination program as local distribution rates continue to fall short

     “The crisis of deep human suffering is in plain sight. There’s no time to waste. We have to act and we have to act now,” Biden said in a speech from Wilmington, Del., on Thursday evening in which he called for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to help him pass his ambitious plan. “This is what economists are telling us. More importantly, it is what the values we hold dear in our hearts as Americans are telling us. A growing chorus of top economists agree that in this moment of crisis with interest rates at historic lows, we cannot afford inaction,” he continued, touting the enormous bailout as a “smart fiscal investment” in the nation’s future.

     Despite Biden’s hard sell, Republicans in Congress who vociferously opposed a similar $2.2 trillion bailout pushed by House Democrats in October are likely to raise objections to his package, too. The bill will be the most pressing piece of legislation on Biden’s agenda as he takes office amid a worsening pandemic that has so far killed 386,000 Americans and infected 23.2 million. It follows on the heels of a $900 billion bailout Congress passed just last month after months of inaction caused by partisanship. That bill included a $300 weekly unemployment supplement, $284.4 billion in forgivable small-business Paycheck Protection Program loans and $600 stimulus checks for most Americans. In his speech, Biden said that package was not enough.