President Biden call for changing Senate filibuster rules to protect voting rights. But he still lacks the votes to follow through. LA Times
VOA VIEW: A bad excuse.
The last time I visited Hong Kong, the pro-democracy movement was in full swing. Two years later, the battle seems to have been lost. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Democracy is dead, not dying, in HK.
For more than a year, the national news media have held up the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its director, Rochelle Walensky, as paragons of public health. New York Post
VOA VIEW: The liberal media can't hide the truth.


Last January, newly elected President Biden pledged to fight racism and unify the nation. Instead, he’s imposed a harsh agenda of reverse racism in everything from distributing pandemic-relief aid to allocating scarce COVID treatments. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Too much crying wolf becomes suspicious and proves fake.
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy re-declared a public health emergency on Tuesday in a move that will keep a school mask mandate in place across the Garden State. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Extreme!
As millions of American students head back to their desks, the virus testing that was supposed to help keep classrooms open safely is itself being tested. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Biden misused the money that was allocated for testing,
The officials defended President Biden’s pandemic response while facing criticism about scarce Covid tests and confusing guidance. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The lies and deception are catching up with Biden.
Joe Biden has made voting rights a top priority, but civil rights groups are frustrated by the Democrats' failure to pass new protections.       USA Today
You can save on Samsung's brand-new Galaxy S21 FE smartphone when you trade in an older device—here's how.       USA Today


If Sen. Charles E. Schumer were still the minority leader, it’s a good bet he’d be enthusiastically using the filibuster to stop Republicans’ priorities, not fighting to eliminate it. The New York Democrat has had plenty of practice. During 23 years in the Senate, he’s voted more than 500 times ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The crybabies cry the most and loudest.
The Education Department denied Tuesday that Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited last year’s much-criticized letter from the National School Boards Association linking rowdy parents at public meetings to domestic terrorism. “While the secretary did not solicit a letter from NSBA, to understand the views and concerns of stakeholders, the department routinely ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A Biden coverup.
More than 300 police officers died after contracting COVID-19 while on duty in 2021 — the biggest driver of death in a record year for law enforcement fatalities in the U.S., according to a preliminary study released Tuesday. The 458 officers who either died of COVID-19 or were killed in ... Washington Times
Federal law enforcement officials on Tuesday remained tight-lipped in the face of senator’s questions about whether FBI informants were present during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol. Jill Sanborn, the assistant director of the FBI’s national security branch, said she could not “go into specifics of sources ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: DOJ and Dem coverup.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease expert, angrily accused a senator Tuesday of making false accusations that are leading to threats against him -- all to raise political cash. Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has repeatedly said Fauci lies about the pandemic and in ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Fauci made a fool of himself, again.
House Democrats on Tuesday blamed themselves and their fellow members of Congress for making bad cyber policy that has allowed America’s enemies to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the nation’s security.  Democratic members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee acknowledged that the legislative branch had failed to do its ... Washington Times
The Biden administration delivered another hit to domestic oil-and-gas production amid soaring energy prices by reversing the Trump-era move to open up millions of acres to drilling in Alaska, drawing rebukes Tuesday from outraged Republicans. The Bureau of Land Management announced Monday that it would shelve the Trump administration's 2020 ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden may have to adjust his stupidity.


Sen. Joe Manchin III and other Senate Democrats are skeptical about President Biden’s push to blow up the filibuster to rewrite the nation’s election laws. Mr. Manchin said that gridlock has paralyzed the Senate but scrapping the chamber’s 60-vote threshold to advance most legislation is not the way forward. “We ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden will fail.
Homeland Security’s special visa program to grant legal status to victims of crime is plagued by fraud and mismanagement, according to an inspector general’s audit released this week that found the department doesn’t even know how many of the visas are issued. The review cited evidence that some immigrants were ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: More illegal immigration by Biden and Dems.
"The pandemic continues to create challenges," IRS head Chuck Rettig said. ABC
VOA VIEW: Does that mean that Americans can make the same excuse about filing on time?
The Justice Department is establishing a specialized unit focused on domestic terrorism ABC
VOA VIEW: A gestapo type unit.
The U.S. Coast Guard says it pulled 176 Haitians from an overloaded wooden sailing vessel as it approached the Florida Keys ABC

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South Korea and Japan say North Korea has fired what appeared to be a ballistic missile into its eastern sea ABC
VOA VIEW: NK is looking for trouble.
Walker jumped into the Georgia Senate race after former President Trump urged him to run. CBS
RGA Chair Doug Ducey said Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will be among the top targets for the GOP to flip next year. CBS
VOA VIEW: A Republican sweep in 2022.

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Trump Media & Technology Group made the announcement. Nunes is leaving before his term ends. CBS
"It is no longer the case that government regulation or intervention is dead on arrival within the Republican Party." CBS
Shelby is the fourth Republican senator who is not seeking reelection in 2022. CBS
VOA VIEW: All Republicans are needed to stay.
It's the latest in a longstanding feud between the two government officials. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Fauci is a liar and idiot.
Some of the country's most exclusive universities have been accused. CNBC
VOA VIEW: They should pay back with interest and sanctions.
A survey shows that most people don't have confidence in their ability to provide for their families and handle life's unexpected financial events. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.
Two justices, Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer, appeared remotely due to apparent concerns about Covid-19 as Neil Gorsuch did not wear a mask. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The left is scared.
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told former President Trump the state's elections were secure in 2020, Bianna Golodryga asks him why he's championing new restrictions now. CNN
VOA VIEW: The left cries when payback is near.
House Democrats are in limbo. CNN
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
Italian Catholic and Jewish leaders on Tuesday condemned as outrageous an episode in which right-wing extremists put a flag with a swastika on a coffin outside a church after a religious funeral and gave Nazi salutes. CNN
VOA VIEW: As they should.
Republican Senator Ted Cruz walked back his comments calling January 6th a "terrorist attack" after receiving slack from Trump World and one of it's leading figures... Fox News Host Tucker Carlson. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza discusses why Cruz is changing course on his messaging in order to keep his future political aspirations alive within the Trump base. CNN
VOA VIEW: More like an act of smartness and mistake admission.
• Analysis: If Democrats can't pass their agenda now, they may not get another chance for years CNN
VOA VIEW: Dems will get a taste of their own medicine.
The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) on Monday reached a tentative agreement with Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago school district but continued to criticize failed city leadership during a press conference. FOX News
VOA VIEW: About time.
Asheville, North Carolina, is altering scholarships for educators and students to prioritize first-generation college students and remove provisions prioritizing Black individuals. FOX News
VOA VIEW: A legal mandate.
A University of Florida researcher studying the coronavirus is predicting that up to 80% of the Sunshine State’s population will have caught the disease by the time the current wave of cases fueled by the omicron variant subsides. FOX News
VOA VIEW: So be it.
Prosecutors have agreed to drop pending perjury charges against convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell to avoid putting victims through a retrial in the trafficking case. UPI
VOA VIEW: Not comprehendible.
The Biden administration on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to deny bond hearings to detained migrants, some of whom have been held for months as they wait for their cases to be resolved. UPI
VOA VIEW: Migrants have more rights than Americans, under Biden.
In what's become a frequent occurrence over the past year, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top U.S. health officials found themselves sparring with Republican lawmakers on Tuesday over COVID-19 measures. UPI
VOA VIEW: As they should and much more.

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A Wisconsin judge has denied a request by the state's attorney general to block Republican-led legal action to examine materials related to the 2020 presidential election. UPI

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